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      Kybella vs. CoolSculpting

      Published on September 16, 2016

      It’s time to toss out those turtlenecks! There are two non-surgical treatments that can help eliminate your double chin and blast the fat from under the chin. The first is Kybella®, made by Allergan and the second, CoolSculpting® made by Zeltiq. Read below to learn the differences between these two non-invasive procedures and discover which one may be right for you.


      Kybella® was the first double chin treatment to receive FDA approval earlier this year. Kybella® is an injectable treatment that permanently eliminates unwanted fat from under the chin. Each injection site contains deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occurring fat-busting substance found in the body. The treatment is customized to the patients needs and when injected, Kybella® destroys the fat cells. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they cannot store or accumulate fat again. Most patients will need two to four treatments, with each treatment occurring about 4-6 weeks apart. Side effects include swelling of the injection site, meaning your double chin may temporarily be just a little bit bigger. Some patients may experience slight bruising, redness and lumpiness – all of which dissipate within hours to a few days after the treatment. Some mild numbing may last a few weeks.


      Everyone’s favorite fat freezing treatment is now just a little bit smaller and a little more compact! The CoolSculpting Mini® applicator is the perfect size for those hard-to-treat areas like under the chin. Using the same technology as the full-size applicator, CoolSculpting® Mini suctions the skin and fat into the freezing chamber while the cooling plates chill the fat to the point of freezing, which crystallizes the fat cells. The dead fat cells eventually leave your body through your lymphatic system and urine excretion. A total 2-3 treatments may be required to receive optimal results with sessions about 4-6 weeks apart. Results can be seen six to eight weeks after treatment(s). Side effects include temporary mild numbness, swelling in the treatment area and some mild erythema.

      So Which one is Right for You? Deciding which double chin treatment is right for you should be determined during a consultation with a qualified professional. Both treatments eliminate unwanted fat and improve the jawline contour and definition of the chin. CoolSculpting® Mini is the ideal treatment for the person who really does not like needles. This treatment may also be less likely to bruise than the other. CoolSculpting® patients will experience some swelling but it seems mild for most. Kybella® is a great option for people who have a smaller pocket of under-the-chin fat because the injections can target a specific area. It is possible to bruise slightly and also patients may experience mild or moderate swelling for a few days. One of our staff members recently had CoolSculpting® on her submental and the other received Kybella® and both received measurable and nice results after one treatment. Both are desiring a follow up treatment. There are some patients where we may even choose to use both methods to customize a result depending upon their submental region and respsone. The clinical trials for Kybella were very rigorous because it was FDA approved as a medication, whereas the CoolSculpting Mini is FDA cleared as a device for the submental region. Kybella had to undergo rigorous clinical trial standards as an injectable medication.

      So, whether the slim-chin craze is driven by posting social media selfies or FaceTime with your friends I think the trend is here to stay. No one wants to look like Uncle Albert if we don’t have to. If you have both excess fat and excess skin, a chin/neck lift and/or liposuction to the jaw region may be the best choice for you. Complimentary cosmetic consultations are available to see which treatment may address your concerns.

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