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It used to be that having a family meant that many women had to give up the shapely figure they enjoyed when they were younger. But with modern plastic surgery procedures, Indianapolis moms are discovering that they can have a family and look great too. The team at Wagner and Associates Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Consultants of Indiana is here to help you get your body back on track.

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Choosing a Mommy Makeover in Indiana

It’s no secret that pregnancy causes enormous changes in a woman’s body. As your baby grows and your abdominal wall expands, abdominal muscles and stomach skin stretch. For many women, these stretched tissues don’t “bounce back” after pregnancy, leaving behind a sagging belly and stretch marks. But the midsection is not the only area that can be impacted by pregnancy. Changes in the breasts can cause them to droop or become deflated after nursing. And those many hours spent caring for your family can make even the most vibrant mom look a bit tired or worn down.

A combined Indianapolis plastic surgery procedure can change all that. Mommy Makeover is not one but actually a collection of procedures custom designed to address your cosmetic goals. For most women, a tummy tuck in Indianapolis (also known as abdominoplasty) is an essential part of their makeover, tightening abdominal muscles and trimming excess fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise. Many moms are amazed by how much additional energy they have when they feel more comfortable and confident about their appearance.

Dr. Wagner and staff made me feel so comfortable!! They answered every question I had.. was always available for me when I needed them. And I love my results so far.. I’m 8 weeks post op tummy tuck with Lipo and breast augmentation.


Combining Other Plastic Surgery Procedures

In addition to tummy tuck, many women also choose to combine other cosmetic surgery to complete their Mommy Makeover. Here are a few procedures you may want to consider to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance:

Your Mommy Makeover Consultation

We understand that as a mom you have special concerns when it comes to cosmetic surgery. We seek to address each and every one of these concerns during your private consultation. While some mothers worry about taking time away from their families for self improvement, we have heard from many women after their Mommy Makeovers who say they wished they had their procedures sooner. The surgery and recovery period are often only a minor inconvenience for a long-term gain in confidence, energy, and satisfaction with their bodies and their family life.

During your consultation at Wagner and Associates Plastic Surgery, you can discuss your goals with Dr. Jeffrey Wagner. An educator of plastic surgeons for over 10 years, Dr. Wagner has performed over 7,000 cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive procedures. Additionally, as of 2010, he has been honored as one of The Best Doctors in America every year since 1999, one of America’s Top Surgeons every year since 2004, and one of the Top Plastic Surgeons every year since 2006. In addition to Dr. Wagner’s high level of surgical skill, you’ll also receive compassionate care from every staff member at Wagner and Associates.

Your Mommy Makeover procedure will be customized for your unique needs. The best way to learn how a specific set of cosmetic surgery procedures might help you to enjoy both an adoring family and attractive body is to request a complimentary consultation with Dr. Wagner, a board certified plastic surgeon serving patients across Indiana. You can also call his office on Clearvista Parkway at 317-621-2520 to schedule an appointment. Feel like a new person and look like your best self at Wagner and Associates Plastic Surgery.