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      The appearance of their breasts is very important to most women. Many find that having breasts that are too small, too large or asymmetric limit their fashion choices and cause dissatisfaction with body image. Overly large breasts may even cause physical symptoms that can impair an active lifestyle.

      Dr. Jeffrey Wagner offers breast enhancement surgery in Indianapolis to enlarge or reduce breast size and provide better balance with the rest of the body and relieve physical discomfort. He can also lift sagging breasts to improve the physical signs of aging, or combine procedures for more extensive breast enhancement. If you are dissatisfied with the look of your breasts, cosmetic surgery may be a good choice for you.

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      Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Wagner and the entire team at Wagner and Associates Plastic Surgery are committed to helping you achieve your ideal look through cosmetic procedures. Request your complimentary consultation online at our office on Clearvista Parkway in Indianapolis. Or, call 317-621-2520 today to schedule an appointment. Feel like a new person and look like your best self at Wagner and Associates Plastic Surgery.

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