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Chin & Cheek Implants Indianapolis

Cheek & Chin Implants
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The bony skeleton is the framework of the face and primarily determines the shape of the face. Dramatic changes in the facial contour can be made by changing or augmenting the underlying facial framework. Cheek implants are often used in facial cosmetic surgery to bring the face into balance by building up the cheeks. Cheek implants are made of a variety of alloplastic materials. They are usually inserted through an incision in the mouth and placed directly in contact with the cheekbone, or other areas of the face that remain motionless, such as the chin. Cheek augmentation with implants can be customized to suit the special needs of the individual patient.

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Facial Implant Surgery in Indianapolis

In addition to hard tissue implants, soft tissue facial implants can be used to help change the basic structure of the face. Soft tissue augmentation can give a fuller, more balanced look to the “in motion” areas of the face. Alloderm and Gortex are examples of soft tissue implants that can be used in facial cosmetic surgery to augment lips or eliminate wrinkles or deep creases. Facial implants are often used during rhinoplasty procedures to help create balance and proportion for the facial features.

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