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Collagen is part of the natural support structure of the skin. Wrinkles form in part because the natural collagen thins out. Loss of collagen is a factor of aging, but environmental exposure, heredity, lifestyle, and general health also contribute. Wrinkles and lines form wherever the skin moves, most prominently around the mouth, eyes, and forehead. Collagen replacement therapy with a variety of injectable fillers/collagen can replenish the skin’s collagen layer, helping to smooth lines and wrinkles. The results are immediate and recovery is very short. Collagen has been used for over 15 years and is particularly effective in lip augmentation, smile lines, deep cheek folds, forehead lines, and acne scars. It is injected just beneath the skin using very small needles. Treatments take only a few minutes and typically last 3 to 4 months, depending on the areas being treated. Human collagen is gradually absorbed by the body and requires repeat treatments to maintain the results.


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JUVEDERM™ Injectable Gel, JUVEDERM™ Plus Injectable Gel Filler

JUVEDERM™ and JUVEDERM™ Plus Injectable Gels fillers are made from hyaluranic acid. JUVEDERM™ and JUVEDERM™ Plus Injectable Gels last 3-6 months however, some people report it lasting much longer and clinical studies show it can last up to one (1) year depending upon the region treated. Most people need one to two syringes. JUVEDERM™ is primarily designed to add volume to various facial regions which include: lips, nasal labial folds, marionette lines, deeper resting lines, vertical lip lines, and upper and lower lip volume.

The cost for JUVEDERM XC ULTRA and JUVEDERM XC ULTRA PLUS Injectable Gels is $525.00 per syringe.*

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Other Wrinkle Fillers

Other options for injectable fillers offered by Dr. Wagner include hyaluronic acid derivatives. Hyaluronic acid is another important component of the skin that gradually diminishes with age. Modern breakthroughs have produced hyaluronic acid derivatives for use in non surgical treatments. JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel and Restylane® are two of the most popular hyaluronic acid products that are used for treating wrinkles and deep creases in the face, especially in the nose and mouth area, as well as plumping the lips. Immediate results are seen with injectable fillers but because reabsorption occurs, the results are not permanent, lasting about 4 to 6 months. These fillers are often an excellent complement to BOTOX® Cosmetic injections and other non surgical treatments.

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