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5 Tips & Tricks for Enhancing Eyes

Conveniently located to serve Indianapolis

5 Tips & Tricks for Enhancing Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul, or so we’ve been told. One of the very first places to show signs of aging is the area around the eyes. For prevention sake, everyone should be wearing a sunscreen and using anti-aging skincare products. There may come a point where those things won’t be enough any longer. Below are our top five tips and tricks to help your eyes look refreshed, renewed and awakened!

1. Latisse®

A more youthful eye has longer and thicker eyelashes. Latisse®, is the first and only FDA approved eyelash growth serum. This is a prescription product available in our office that thickens, lengthens and darkens your eyelashes. Latisse® is applied to the base of the upper lashes with a sterile, single-use disposable applicator. Patients can expect fuller, longer, lashes in as little as eight weeks, with full results revealed in sixteen weeks. Results from Latisse® occur gradually, but can be remarkable.


Crow's feet treatment using Botox before and after photosTreat your crows feet with Botox®. Crows feet are those pesky little wrinkles off to the sides of the eyes that become more pronounced over time. Botox® is predictably effective in softening the horizontal lines around the eyes. This treatment area will appear relaxed and softened by the Botox® procedure. Botox® can prevent or delay the deep etched-in crows feet lines from forming. So, if you want to get ahead of the aging effects of crows feet, Botox® may be the answer for you. Botox® results are optimized within 4-7 days after your procedure with minimal to no recovery.

3. CO2 Laser

If you have wrinkles or crêpeyskin that you’re struggling with then laser treatments may be your best option. Under eye skin can be improved with laser resurfacing. Proper skincare and hydration in this area is essential. The use of a Retin-A and a medical grade eye creams can also help maintain a smoother appearance. There’s only so much topical lotions and potions can do for you. Some ‘power tools’ may be in your future. The CO2 laser can resurface the entire eye region making that skin smoother and tighter. This procedure requires recovery and healing time of approximately 2 weeks.

4. Eyelid Surgery

Some patients suffer from puffy under eye bags while others struggle with hooding on the upper eyes that will never go away. Some patients struggle with having both upper and lower eye concerns. This can be a dead give-away to tired eyes even when you’re not tired. Eyelid surgery may be the solution if you struggle with upper and/or lower eyelid problems. Under eyelid surgery (lower blepharoplasty) can address the puffiness while upper eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty) can reduce the loose skin causing the hooding with the upper eyelid. The loose tissue is removed through a small incision under the lower lash line and the area is smoothed out, providing a much more youthful and less tired appearance. The upper eyelid lift requires small incisions that are placed in the crease of the eyelid. Recovery is required for this procedure and most patient receive temporary bruising.

Brow Lift

As we age, the brow can start to droop and fall. A full brow lift isn’t necessary for all patients but many can benefit from a repositioning of the brow. This helps with the distance between the eye and the brow and can help the outer ‘tail’ of the brow perk upward. Brow lift incisions are well hid in the hairline and healing is minimal. A combination of any of these treatments listed above can rejuvenate your eyes giving you a natural and awakened look.