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Juvéderm in Indianapolis

Juvederm in Indianapolis is a cosmetic injectable filler treatment used for reducing age signs and improving lip volume. This dermal filler treatment volumizes the skin, restoring facial contours. It was approved by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006 and is a very popular choice for facial rejuvenation.

The minimally invasive non-surgical procedure focuses on the midface region, especially the cheeks. It addresses numerous moderate and harsh facial wrinkles. These include the nasolabial folds, perioral lip lines (also called smoker’s lines or lipstick lines), marionette lines, and parentheses lines.

Thin lips are another common aging issue. With Juvederm injections, thin lips can be augmented and defined through precise volumizing.

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The Science Behind Juvéderm

Juvéderm has a substance called hyaluronic acid (HA) as its base. This is a synthetic version of our body’s own natural hyaluronic acid, which serves as a cushioning agent for the tissues. The HA in Juvederm bonds with water molecules in the skin tissues to create volume. This in turn fills in moderate and harsh wrinkles.

A local anesthetic called lidocaine is present in Juvéderm. This numbs the area to be treated, preventing any sensations of pain in order to create a more comfortable experience.

Juvéderm comes in the form of a malleable gel and is manufactured using Hylacross technology. Because of this technology, it is smoother in consistency than many other fillers.

Your Consultation

Before patients can undergo a Juvederm treatment, they must first meet with a skilled professional for a consultation. During your consultation, your treatment areas will be examined to ensure that Juvederm is the ideal solution for you. You will also go over your complete medical history, including allergies and current medications.

The Juvederm injection procedure will be explained to you in detail, along with preparation and aftercare steps. You can ask any questions you may have about your treatment at this time.

After a Juvederm Treatment

Once a Juvederm treatment session has been completed, patients can go about their day as normal. There is no need for downtime, and there is no recovery period required. In some cases, there may be mild bruising, swelling, soreness, and/or redness in the injection spots, but these are temporary.

The results of Juvederm last for six months to one year. After this time, patients often return to our office to get a maintenance treatment, preserving their rejuvenated look.

Your Treatment Session

At the start of a Juvederm treatment session, the targeted wrinkles may be marked as a guide for the injector. The injections are then delivered precisely into the wrinkles. The lidocaine present in the Juvederm will numb the area during treatment to ensure comfort.

Dr. Wagner and his staff are medical professionals. You are treated with respect and dignity. I felt informed and all my questions were addressed. I had realistic expectations and the results were excellent!

How Much Does Juvederm Cost?

The price of Juvederm injections is based on the number of injections required. Additionally, the number of wrinkles being treated can play a role in the overall cost of a Juvederm treatment session.


1st Syringe – $575.00
Each Add’l Syringe – $525.00

Set Up a Consultation

At Wagner and Associates, we’re happy to provide Juvederm for Indianapolis patients looking to reduce facial wrinkles. Contact us and arrange your consultation to get started.

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