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Breast Augmentation in Indianapolis Expected to Remain Popular Despite Economy

Conveniently located to serve Indianapolis

Breast Augmentation in Indianapolis Expected to Remain Popular Despite Economy

As the economic slowdown continues, plastic surgeons across the country are beginning to see a drop off in demand. However, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Wagner expects the demand for breast augmentation at his Indianapolis practice to remain fairly stable due to the popularity of the procedure.

Indianapolis, IN (January 2009) — There is no denying that tough economic times have caused people across the country to cut back and reduce spending. Plastic surgeons, like professionals in many industries, are preparing for a general slowdown in the demand for their services. However, according to Dr. Jeffrey Wagner who operates a private plastic surgery practice in Indianapolis, the demand for breast augmentation, which consistently ranks as the most popular plastic surgery procedure across the country, is likely to remain relatively stable.

“Close to 350,000 women chose to have breast augmentation performed in 2007, making it the most popular plastic surgery procedure available by a significant margin,” says Dr. Wagner. “While 2008 is likely to show a decline in this national number, many women still view cosmetic surgery as an investment in themselves and I expect to continue seeing high demand for breast augmentation.”

There are a number of reasons that women choose breast augmentation in Indianapolis. Many want to increase their breast size to achieve a fuller, more feminine physique, but breast augmentation also can be used to correct breast asymmetry and to bring breasts into proportion with a woman’s body. In addition, many women opt for breast augmentation to restore breast fullness lost as a result of pregnancy, breast feeding, or significant weight loss. No matter what their reason for choosing breast augmentation, many of Dr. Wagner’s breast augmentation patients report feeling more self confident and happier with their appearance after the procedure.

“Some women who are happy with the size and appearance of their breasts don’t understand why others would want to undergo an augmentation procedure,” adds Dr. Wagner. “But there is no denying the increased sense of self confidence reported by breast enlargement patients across the country, which I’ve seen firsthand in my own breast augmentation patients from Indianapolis. The fact that breast augmentation can enhance their self image and their physical appearance certainly contributes to its popularity and is one of the reasons that I think it will remain a high-demand procedure even as the economy slows down.”

There are a number of options available to women considering breast enlargement. Dr. Wagner offers both saline-filled and silicone gel-filled implants in a variety of sizes and shapes. He is also familiar with a number of surgical and implant placement techniques. Dr. Wagner understands that no two breast augmentation patients are the same, and he works with each of his patients considering plastic surgery in Indianapolis to develop a customized procedure that fits their anatomy and surgical goals.

“As we continue with a challenging economic climate in 2009, it will be especially important that people do what they can to stay healthy and positive,” says Dr. Wagner. “Being comfortable with your body can play an important role in your overall wellbeing. Breast augmentation is about helping women love they way they look, and I expect it to continue to be a popular procedure in 2009 and the years to come.”

Dr. Jeffrey Wagner offers a complete menu of plastic surgery procedures for the breasts, body, and face at his practice in Indianapolis. He also offers a number of non-surgical rejuvenation procedures, including BOTOX® Cosmetic and laser treatments. Request a complimentary consultation to learn more about breast augmentation and other procedures he performs.