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Consider a Short-Scar Facelift

Conveniently located to serve Indianapolis

Consider a Short-Scar Facelift

As soon as men and women reach their early 40s, it is quite normal for them to experience jowling in the lower face region. Additionally, they might even begin to develop a weathered-looking neck. The best way to rejuvenate the face and neck is by coming in for what is known as a short-scar facelift.

The short-scar facelift procedure eliminates jowls, rejuvenates the neck, and improves jawline definition. It also tightens the upper neck and lifts the midface, eliminating loose skin and wrinkles.

Proper Candidates

There is no particular age at which you need to get this procedure. The only way to determine the right time is by taking a look at your face and spotting signs of aging.

Some of the signs of aging include excess skin on the lower and upper eyelids, eyelid puffiness, bags under the eyes, marionette lines (lines extending from the sides of the mouth downwards), and nasolabial fold deepening. Nasolabial folds are folds that stretch from the nose corners down to the mouth corners. Sagging of the neck and jowling in the jawline are also signs of aging.

The Short-Scar Facelift Procedure

On the whole, the short-scar facelift is a sophisticated procedure that fights the signs of aging in an effective manner. The idea is to use a variety of lifting procedures in order to provide the most natural-looking results possible.

A short-scar facelift is based on a modern thought process that focuses on conducting lifts according to the patient’s unique bone structure. The bone structure serves as a blueprint of sorts, which allows the surgeon to redrape the skin in such a way that it sits perfectly.

The procedure is generally completed in a matter of two to three hours. This varies according to the patient’s needs and the exact specifics of the case.

The incisions for this technique are different from those of a traditional full facelift. Full facelift incisions generally start at the temple, move to a location in front of the ear, continue from there to a location behind the ear, and then end at the scalp.

With a short-scar facelift, however, the incisions are much shorter. The incision starts at the top of the patient’s ear and is then disguised inside it. The excess tissue is hidden in the crease located behind the ear. As a result, there are no visible scars. Once the procedure is complete, the incisions are closed with surgical stitches.

The Healing Period

Generally, a patient can return home a few hours after the procedure. The surgeon may advise rest. Normal activity can be resumed after a few days. However, resuming intense activity will take more time.

Painkillers will usually be prescribed to address any post-operative discomfort the patient may be feeling. Swelling and bruising may last over a week or so, but it will only be temporary. The stitches will be removed during a follow-up appointment.

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