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Get the Lasting Contouring You Deserve with Cheek Implants

Conveniently located to serve Indianapolis

Get the Lasting Contouring You Deserve with Cheek Implants

Many people in today’s society associate beautiful features with proportion and symmetry. The details of our faces are constantly being judged to fit a specific look. A common concern is thin or flat cheeks. For this, we offer a plastic-surgery procedure called cheek augmentation, or submalar augmentation.

Cheek Augmentation with Implants

As the soft mid-facial fat and other tissues deplete with age, the skin sags and develops folds and wrinkles. Hollows become pronounced and create an overall effect of tiredness. One of the best ways to circumvent this problem is by use of cheek implants that restructure the face.

Cheek implants can remedy mid-facial depressions and hollows caused by aging or genetics. These silicone rubber implants are completely safe for surgical use. The implants have the specific shape and flexibility needed to blend into the contours of the face while enhancing them, offering natural-looking results.

The Cheek-Augmentation Consultation

In the field of facial aesthetics, facial contouring with cheek implants is a skillful blend of art and technology. If you decide to come in for cheek enhancement, the first step will be a consultation with Dr. Wagner.

Dr. Wagner will first examine your facial profile. Your cheekbones, nasal profile, and jawline are measured. After a study of the facial proportions, a facial implant can be designed to suit your unique specifications. These implants are designed to sculpt contours and add necessary volume.

The implants are of varying thicknesses and surface areas depending upon which part of the face you seek to enhance. You can choose to add volume to just the cheeks or to the areas extending to the jawline as well.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

The procedure is typically done under local anesthesia with sedation. If the cheek implant procedure is to be combined with other procedures like a facelift, general anesthesia will be given instead.

Small incisions are then made inside the mouth and the customized implants are positioned in the correct places. The incisions are then closed with sutures.

Once you return home, you will need to take care of your incisions according to Dr. Wagner’s instructions. The more closely you follow these instructions, the better your results will be. This also helps to avoid post-surgical complications.

Soft, supportive tissues develop around the implants in a few weeks’ time. The incisions heal in a few weeks, after which you can barely distinguish the implant from your natural bone structure.

What Are the Results of Cheek Augmentation Like?

Cheek implants are a way to give the appearance of well-padded soft submalar tissues with the right elasticity and distension. The implants are positioned to spread sagging skin over facial depressions and soften wrinkles. The bone structure is left unaltered. The implant is only used as a scaffold to lift the soft tissues and hold them in place.

Schedule Your Consultation for Cheek Augmentation

If you have gaunt thin cheeks, a cheek augmentation with implants is exactly what you need to get the look you desire. Contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Wagner, a board-certified plastic surgeon, to learn more about the benefits of cheek implants.