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Get the Lifted Breasts You’ve Been Wanting with Mastopexy

Conveniently located to serve Indianapolis

Get the Lifted Breasts You’ve Been Wanting with Mastopexy

Breasts are one of the most prominent features on a woman’s body. However, the shape and size of the breasts often change when a woman undergoes hormonal changes, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and significant fluctuations in weight. Age also plays a huge role in how your breasts look.

Over the course of time, the breasts tend to lose shape and start to sag. Breasts that were once firm, round, and perky slowly start to droop. For this reason, many women choose to undergo a mastopexy to improve the look of their breasts.

What Is A Mastopexy?

A mastopexy, also known as a breast lift, is an invasive cosmetic procedure in which the breasts that appear saggy and droops downward are lifted. In most cases, the nipples are repositioned as well to improve the overall look of the breasts. The surgery can make them look perkier, lifted, and more attractive overall.

Ideal Candidates For A Mastopexy

A mastopexy is an effective surgical solution for women who have issues with the look of their breasts. Good candidates are women who suffer from excess skin and fat in the breast region that leads to a droopy, unattractive look. Potential patients should be in good general health and have realistic expectations from the procedure.

How to Prepare For A Mastopexy

The first and perhaps the most important step is to seek the help of an experienced plastic surgeon with expertise performing the surgery. In the time leading up to the procedure, you should make sure to avoid drinking, smoking, and taking certain medications. This will help eliminate any unnecessary risks and help you experience the best results possible.

The Mastopexy Procedure

Before the procedure begins, you will be given an anesthetic to help you feel comfortable throughout the process. Your surgeon will then make an incision along your breast to access the underlying tissue. There are different types of incisions that can be used and the surgeon will choose the incision that will allow him to best perform the surgery.

The surgeon will then reshape the breast tissue to form the new contours and to lift up the breasts. The nipples are then repositioned higher on the breasts so that they appear more youthful and perky. Once the corrections are made, the sutures and incisions are then closed and bandaged. Most incisions are concealed in the breast fold and will most likely remain hidden as they heal.

What Should I Expect After A Mastopexy?

Immediately after the surgery, you are likely to notice some swelling and bruising around your breasts. This is a temporary side effect of the surgery and will subside gradually. You can use ice packs to help bring down the swelling. If you feel any excessive discomfort from the surgery, your doctor can also prescribe medication to help you feel more comfortable during the recovery process.

Complete results are visible once the swelling has died down. Results are long-lasting and can be better maintained by following a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet and lots of exercise.

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