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Kick That Spare Tire to the Curb

Conveniently located to serve Indianapolis

Kick That Spare Tire to the Curb

Tried the sit-ups and ab crunches but your belly refuses to budge? If your tummy blocks your view of your feet, it’s time to kick that spare tire to the curb with the tummy tuck procedure!

What Causes a Belly Bulge?

Hormonal Changes: Many people in their midlife see a midsection crisis as well! Fluctuating levels of certain hormones can trigger excess fat accumulation around the belly, causing a spare tire to form.

Sedentary Lifestyle: If all you do is sit around in the office and then settle down on the couch at home, the belly bulge gets worse over time.

Bad Food Habits: A diet rich in sugars, fats, and carbs do no good at all for your tummy. More bad fats can lead to a rise in insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that digests sugars, but in excess, it can trigger fat deposition in the tummy. Excess insulin is triggered by eating too much sugar and starch.

Alcohol: It isn’t called a beer belly for nothing. Alcohol, a high-calorie beverage, promotes fat storage around the belly.

No matter what the reason, a spare tire is a serious problem. Fat in the midsection is known to increase the risk of certain diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. The belly bloat can also make it difficult for you to wear fashionable clothes and can cause self-esteem issues.

Abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, can give you the benefit of a flatter and tighter tummy with improved muscle tone – and no more spare tire.

How Is A Tummy Tuck Done?

  • The first step is to schedule an appointment with your surgeon. The way that the procedure is done and what to expect during and after the tummy tuck will be discussed in this session. Your surgeon may also take photographs and measurements so you can compare the results afterwards.
  • If you smoke or drink alcohol, you will be asked to stop both, as they may delay the healing process. Your surgeon would also note your overall health condition, prior surgeries or health problems, and any medication allergies.
  • The surgery is performed under general anesthesia at an accredited hospital or outpatient facility.
  • In a full abdominoplasty, a large incision extending from one hip bone to the other is made horizontally. The surgeon may also make a second incision around the navel to lift the skin.
  • After lifting the skin, the surgeon removes excess tissue and fat, and the muscles in the abdomen are repaired and tightened.
  • The surgeon trims away the excess skin, redrapes the remaining skin, and sutures the incisions closed.

After the Tummy Tuck

An abdominal binder or support garment is recommended to help with healing and to shape up the tummy better. You will be able to go home the same day, but you must avoid heavy exercises and weight lifting until you are completely recovered, which may take a month. You can typically resume work within two to four weeks.

Learn More Regarding the Tummy Tuck

Dr. Jeffrey Wagner is a well-respected board-certified plastic surgeon with numerous satisfied patients. For more information from Dr. Wagner regarding the tummy tuck procedure, set up a consultation by contacting our office today.