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Male Breast Reduction Offers a More Masculine Chest

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Male Breast Reduction Offers a More Masculine Chest

Gynecomastia is a condition where a male will develop enlarged breasts. Men with this issue will often attempt to rectify the problem with diet and exercise, but this does not always work out. The most effective way to treat this condition is a corrective cosmetic surgery known as male breast reduction. The procedure removes glandular tissue and excess fat deposits. It restores a firm and flat contour leading to a more masculine looking chest.

The Causes of Gynecomastia

Unspecified reasons and genetics are the main causes for the development of enlarged breasts in men. The condition can occur at any age. Hormonal imbalance and unhealthy lifestyles have also been attributed to enlarged breasts in males.

The male breast reduction surgery to correct the problem can be performed on adult men as well as teenagers. It is also believed that change in levels of estrogen and testosterone, and environmental reasons can cause this predicament. Tumors and an overactive thyroid gland or liver and kidney problems are also considered to be possible reasons behind the development of male breasts. It is best to consult a physician to help pinpoint the actual reason.

Candidates for the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

The surgery is suggested only if the patient is in good general health and able to maintain a stable weight within their ideal weight range. It is not suggested to men with serious medical conditions or infections.

For some men, losing weight automatically corrects this condition. However, there are cases where surgical intervention is the only way to treat this problem. The male breast reduction surgery is long lasting and the chances of the condition returning are very uncommon. Most patients report a boost in confidence once they undergo the operation and see their new look.

Males uncomfortable with the appearance of the chest that hinders day-to-day activities are ideal candidates. A qualified cosmetic surgeon will be able to deliver immediate relief with minimum scarring.

Choose Your Surgeon Carefully

The surgery is invasive and requires a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon to perform it. There are a few factors that must be taken into consideration before a surgeon is chosen. It is always best to select the surgeon based on their skill and expertise with this type of operation.

If possible, select a surgeon who has a history of performing the procedure with success. Looking at before and after pictures are also important as they can give you a good indicator of what to expect.

Lastly, it is also important to have a rapport with the surgeon and be able to ask as many questions as possible. You can do this during consultation and learn more about the surgical process during that time.

Caring for Your Body After the Surgery

The recovery time after the surgery may vary from person to person. It is advised to take some time off to heal before before returning to your normal lifestyle. After the surgery, you may feel soreness but will also notice an improvement in shape and the appearance of the chest area.

While pain is minimal, there will be some swelling, but this will subside in time. The final results will be seen after three months of the surgery when the swelling has subsided. It is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle after the procedure to prevent the recurrence of the condition and to maintain your aesthetically pleasing look.

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