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After Recovery, Exercise Essential for Maintaining Liposuction Results

Published on July 15, 2015

After Recovery, Exercise Essential for Maintaining Liposuction Results

Dr. Jeffrey Wagner, who practices plastic surgery in Indianapolis, discusses the findings of a new study that shows regular exercise (after sufficient recovery) is essential to maintaining liposuction results.

Indianapolis, Indiana (July 2012) – Liposuction is effective for removing unwanted fat, but only physical activity can keep fat from returning, says Dr. Jeffrey Wagner, who practices plastic surgery in Indianapolis . A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Wagner has long known what a recent study shows: regular exercise is essential to maintaining good liposuction results.

“We are very careful not to give patients a false sense of security when they choose liposuction in Indianapolis,” says Dr. Wagner, head of Wagner and Associates Plastic Surgery. “Removing subcutaneous fat is not a guarantee of a permanently slimmer figure.”

Liposuction removes fat cells from just beneath the skin (subcutaneous), and although those fat cells will never return, visceral fat can increase in the absence of a reasonable diet and exercise. Visceral fat is the fat that lies deeper in the body and cushions our organs.

Dr. Wagner cites a recent study, which found that liposuction may, to some degree, stimulate the growth of visceral fat, but that this can be counter acted by moderate physical activity.

“The study showed that couch potatoes saw an increase in visceral fat, while people who began a moderate exercise regimen 2 months after surgery were successful at maintaining their new, trimmer figures,” he said. “That doesn’t come as a big surprise, but it serves as a reminder of how important exercise is for maintaining a beautiful body.”

However, Dr. Wagner is quick to warn his Indianapolis liposuction patients that starting to exercise too soon after surgery can adversely affect the outcome of the procedure.

“While some patients don’t think they have to exercise at all after liposuction, some will go to the other extreme,” he says. “They are so motivated to keep the fat off that they will want to start working out as soon as they get home.”

Dr. Wagner recommends that all cosmetic surgery patients check with their doctors before resuming even light exercise after surgery.

“Your doctor should tell you what you can and can’t do after the procedure, and how soon you can get back to your regular routine,” Dr. Wagner says. “Listen to your doctor’s advice. And, if you’re not sure, ask. You don’t want to risk straining an incision or overworking your body before it’s had time to fully recover.”

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