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Plastic Surgery Practice in Indianapolis Offers Innovative Breast Reconstruction

Conveniently located to serve Indianapolis

Plastic Surgery Practice in Indianapolis Offers Innovative Breast Reconstruction

A breast augmentation specialist in Indianapolis, IN, Dr. Jeffrey Wagner uses the newest breast reconstruction techniques to restore women’s breast contour and volume after cancer.

Indianapolis, IN (September 2011) – Dr. Jeffrey Wagner, a plastic surgery specialist in Indianapolis, offers innovative breast reconstruction methods for women who have lost breast volume in one or both breasts. These methods help women with breast cancer restore their breasts and enhance their overall appearances, often resulting in a positive influence on their self-image.

“The loss of breast volume due to breast cancer can be emotionally and physically draining,” says Dr. Wagner. “Women who undergo a mastectomy deserve the best medical advice and treatment options when it comes to their recovery, so my practice is dedicated to providing the most advanced breast reconstruction procedures available. Hopefully, our services will ease the transition women make from mastectomy to their everyday lives.”

Dr. Wagner has extensive experience and training for procedures like breast augmentation in Indianapolis, IN. For breast reconstruction patients, Dr. Wagner offers implants with tissue expanders and flap surgery, which uses the woman’s own tissue to rebuild the breast. These innovative techniques can be performed at the time of mastectomy or after the procedure. Dr. Wagner says that each procedure is personalized to match the specific needs of the patient, and sometimes he combines both methods to take advantage of their combined benefits.

“Breast reconstruction using implants with tissue expanders is a great option for many women,” says Dr. Wagner. “In other cases, flap surgery is more appropriate, which involves using a woman’s own tissue from an area on the body to reconstruct her breast. In addition, I sometimes combine both innovative approaches to provide natural looking results.”

Dr. Wagner offers a wide range of treatments to match the needs of his patients, and takes a number of factors into consideration when choosing the best solution for each person.

“Some of the factors I take into consideration when choosing a procedure are body build, health, and patient preferences,” notes Dr. Wagner. “Breast reconstruction patients have a number of options to choose from, and I look forward to helping women choose among the innovative procedures offered at my practice.”

When you are ready to discuss your reconstructive options in person, request a complimentary consultation at Wagner and Associates Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Indianapolis. We understand the unique needs of reconstructive patients and are here to help you make the decisions that are right for you.