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The Buttocks Lift Eliminates Unwanted Sagging

Conveniently located to serve Indianapolis

The Buttocks Lift Eliminates Unwanted Sagging

Have you ever worn a pair of shorts or trousers only to realize that from the back, you look like you have a flat butt? For those who’ve tried to improve the shape and size of the buttocks through strenuous fitness activities, but have found no success in achieving the desired size, then a buttocks lift is exactly what’s need.

A well-rounded buttocks not only enhances your physical appearance and figure, but can also help you look good in just about anything you choose to wear. The amount of saggy skin and excess fat that accumulates in the buttocks varies from person to person and changes over time. A specific method of correction must be used in order to bring the buttocks in line with the requirements of each patient.

Do You Need a Traditional Butt Lift?

The size and shape of the buttocks have a subtle but strong impact on your physical appearance. In addition to those who are genetically inclined to have a flatter buttocks, there are also people who lose volume in the area as a result of the natural aging process and even weight loss.

A butt lift is the most ideal choice for a patient who has loose skin or poor skin elasticity. In these cases, internal contouring is imperative to offer dramatic results.

A Buttocks Lift Technique for Each Degree of Sag

There are many different variations in the butt lift technique. Common approaches used to enhance the contours of the buttocks are the upper and lower buttock lift, butterfly buttock lift, and lateral buttock lift.

The first technique which made the butt lift surgery a popular cosmetic procedure was the upper butt lift. An upper butt lift is the go-to choice for patients who’ve undergone a significant weight loss.

In this technique, the excess skin is first removed through an incision made along the upper buttocks region. Displacement of the underlying tissue is avoided by redirecting the excess tissue to behave like an anchor to hold the new shape in place.

The lower butt lift surgery is performed to correct noticeable saggy skin through the creation of a new fold. This will help further improve the its contours, making it appear more uplifted and toned.

The butterfly buttock lift is the preferred choice when the aim of the procedure is to improve the appearance of the butt when there is mild sagging. The name comes from the shape of the incision made which follows the natural gluteal crease. A lateral butt lift is performed mainly to correct deformities in the butt shape. Here, a short incision is made along the buttocks and hip junction.

Choose a Traditional Butt Lift for Permanent Results

A traditional butt lift surgery is not appropriate for patients who suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes or heart diseases. Also, prospective patients should be within 10-15 lbs. of their ideal weight range to achieve the best possible outcome.

You can expect to experience a period of recovery after the procedure as it is invasive in nature. During this time, you should refrain from strenuous activities and avoid direct pressure to the glutes.

Your doctor will provide you with specific aftercare instructions that you should follow to help facilitate a faster recovery.

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A butt lift can help improve the size and shape of your buttocks for a more alluring figure that you can feel more confident in. To learn more about the surgery and the benefits it can provide, contact our office to schedule a consultation with respected plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Wagner.