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The Flab On Your Upper Arms Doesn’t Have To Be Permanent

Conveniently located to serve Indianapolis

The Flab On Your Upper Arms Doesn’t Have To Be Permanent

Fat on upper arms is a problem for both men and women, but the way in which fat accumulates differs. When fat accumulates on the upper arm for men, it is usually a combination of both fat and muscle. When the fat is removed, a shapely arm is revealed.

Upper arm fat for women, or “bat wings” as they are sometimes called, occurs over time as a result of age and the skin losing elasticity. There’s not much you can do to get rid of this issue on your own, but with the right help, you can say goodbye to that flabby skin.


Liposuction is a surgical method by which fat is removed from specific areas on the body. The procedure of liposuction involves the removal of accumulated fat deposits from the body through tubes attached to a suction tube.

Liposuction is not a new technique and has been refined over the years. There are now many types of liposuction such as tumescent liposuction, wet technique, super-wet technique, and ultrasound assisted liposuction.


Radiofrequency entails the application of controlled heat to the fat cells in the body, which results in them being destroyed. The benefit of this technique is that the process does not result in any damage to the surrounding muscle or skin. The biggest benefit from this treatment method is the lack of downtime patients have to go through after the treatment is completed.

Patients who utilize this treatment can return to their routine almost immediately after. For the best results, doctors will recommend three to six weekly sessions. People with any sort of metal implants in their body (a pacemaker, for example) should stay clear of this treatment.


Cryolipolysis utilize cooling technology to freeze the fat cells in the body. The fat cells then shrink and are then eliminated from the body through the liver, over the next few months. Many patients report losing almost 20% of their body fat after the first session of cryolipolysis and this is usually all they want to lose. If a second session is needed, doctors advise waiting at least a month after the first.


Ultrasound fat reduction uses low-frequency sound waves to target and kill the fat cells. The floating fat is then flushed out through the normal excretory processes of the body. The patient can drink plenty of water to expedite this. It is usually recommended that the patient goes for a lymph drainage procedure a few days after the procedure.


Mesotherapy is the injection of certain pharmaceutical agents, vitamins, plant-based compounds and homeopathic agents into the body to destroy the fat cells. A custom formula is also sometimes made for the patient. Currently, mesotherapy is not considered completely safe. Mesotherapy is also reported to be capable of treating wrinkles.

Before opting for any fat reduction technique, the patient should ensure they are fully aware of the criteria to make them a candidate for the procedure. Some procedures may not work for pockets of fat that are too large. The patient should also ensure they know of the risks, preparation involved, and post-surgery care, if any.

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