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The TOP 3 reasons to get Plastic Surgery in the Fall and Winter

Conveniently located to serve Indianapolis

The TOP 3 reasons to get Plastic Surgery in the Fall and Winter

Wagner and Associates stays busy with cosmetic surgeries year around but the Fall and Winter season do bring on extra hustle and bustle in our surgery department. When planning your cosmetic surgery one of the often overlooked benefits to keep in mind – is the time of year. Seasonal differences don’t necessarily affect the outcome of a surgery but there are some advantages that can help make fall and winter a better time of year to recuperate. Here are a few reasons why shorter days and cooler weather can help offer the brightest opportunity for successful surgery recovery.

1. Less UV Exposure

Fall seasonEveryone loves sunny days, but when it comes to recovering from plastic surgery, the sun is not your friend. Patients should minimize sun exposure during recovery, especially when you’re planning any facial surgery or CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment. UV and sun exposure slow the healing process and can cause darkening of incisions. Even incisions on the breasts and abdomen need to be protected from sunlight, especially in the first few months so they can heal properly and with minimal discoloration. Scheduling your procedure during the cooler months will help you avoid the sun’s harsh UV rays and help you recover more successfully.

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2. Post-Operative Rest & Recovery

After your surgery is complete, you’re going to need some time to physically recover. Whether your post surgery period is a couple of days or a couple of weeks, scheduling your surgery during the fall or winter season can help make recovering easier. Typically, there are less outdoor activities scheduled and if you plan a bonfire or get invited to one you’ll be ready. Often, post surgery undergarments are easily concealed when you’re wearing multiple layers. The layering can help camouflage the undergarments so scarves and stylish wraps work well. The fall and winter seasons seem to slow people down a bit, driving us into a kind of waking hibernation. After an operation many patients just plan on their ‘stay-cation’. It’s a great time to do some of those lighter projects at home that you’ve been putting off or setting aside some time for reading, others may even get their online holiday shopping completed.

3. Jump start to Spring & Summer

Best of all, you can ensure that your body will be ready to go on display by Spring and Summer when it will matter most. Having your surgery ahead of time means you will have time to prepare a new wardrobe that flatters your new figure, giving you the chance to shine by the time it’s Spring Break or bathing suit season.