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What Are the Causes of Excess Stubborn Fat?

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What Are the Causes of Excess Stubborn Fat?

A great deal of people have problems getting rid of excess fat deposits that appear in various areas of the body. Some commit to a diet and exercise routine but in many cases, this does not provide the desired results. Knowing what causes the body to accumulate stubborn can help you develop a plan to obtain the body you desire.

Common Areas That Accumulate Excess Fat

Stubborn fat deposits can accumulate on different parts of the body. It can be difficult to get rid of and keep you from obtaining your bodily goals. Even committing to rigorous exercise and stringent diets might not help you get rid of stubborn fat in some cases.

Deposits of stubborn fat can prevent the perceived changes in muscle growth and development. It will make it difficult to obtain a perfectly contoured frame. The major areas in the body that store excess fat are the belly, hips, thighs, and the buttocks. Accumulating too much stubborn fat might lead to other health conditions if not treated on time, so it is important for you to find ways to slim down.

The Causes of Stubborn Fat Deposits

Improper Estrogen Levels in the Body

The natural estrogen level of the body is maintained within normal limits by the body’s ability to substitute them. Being overweight can take a toll on the hormone levels of the body. This can cause an increase in estrogen. In a natural scenario, the fat cells store fat and increase in size. When the need arises, the fat is burned to release energy. A rise in estrogen levels would cause the body to store more fat than it really needs. This is what causes the formation of stubborn fat deposits.

Irregular Dietary Habits

Irregular eating habits can make it difficult for the body to process the foods you eat. Late night meals can have a detrimental effect. Having a small gap between dinner and sleep would mean that the body will not have enough time to assimilate nutrients from the food and burn the fats.

Large Meals

Be it during the day or the night, consuming large meals may cause the body to retain excess fat. Having frequent small meals is better suited for maintaining a healthy and slim body.

Processed Foods

Junk food and other processed foods can easily cause stubborn fat accumulation. This also includes sweeteners, packed juices, and food items with refined sugars. Having too much processed food in your diet can result in your body retaining more fat and making it more difficult to lose.

Alcohol and Fizzy Drinks

Sodas and other fizzy drinks are among some of the main culprits responsible for causing belly fat. Drinking different types of alcohol might have different effects on the body and how it processes fat.

Sedentary Lifestyle

If your work requires you to sit in the same place for hours or if you are leading an overall sedentary lifestyle, it will be more difficult for you to burn excess fat.

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