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This young Southern Indiana mother was on the thin side and had very little breast volume even before pregnancy. She lost volume after breast feeding and wanted her breasts to be more proportionate to her body. In many ways, she was an ideal candidate for breast enlargement in Indianapolis from Dr. Wagner.

During her consultation, she discussed implant types with Dr. Wagner, who suggested silicone implants for a more natural feel. Ultimately, whether a woman chooses saline or silicone gel implants is a highly personal choice, but Dr. Wagner is happy to help his patients carefully consider their options.

Another choice that a patient needs to make is implant placement. Breast implants can be placed over or under the pectoral muscle. In many cases, placement under the muscle creates a more natural breast appearance and there is some research suggesting that this method offers less risk of complications developing.

This patient chose to have her implants placed behind the chest muscle to avoid the chance of seeing any ripples. Rippling of a breast implant is more noticeable if a woman, like this patient, is very thin with limited existing breast tissue. She is very happy with her Indianapolis cosmetic surgery result and is enjoying a fuller and more proportionate breast appearance.