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This 25 year old woman came to Wagner and Associates Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Consultants wanting to know more about her options for breast enlargement in Indianapolis. During her consultation with Dr. Wagner, he noted that she had b cup breasts that lacked a significant amount of volume, particularly in the upper portion of the breast. He also noted a slight amount of sagging (ptosis) which did not fit well with her otherwise youthful appearance.

Dr. Wagner recommended 325 cc saline implants overfilled to 370 cc’s and placed above the pectoral muscle. This placement method is appropriate for many women, especially those who want more enhanced cleavage and a greater appearance of fullness in the breasts. Dr. Wagner used a textured implant for this patient. The textured outer covering of the implant is meant to hold the implant in place better than if the implant has a smooth covering. Dr. Wagner prefers this implant type when placing implants above the chest muscle.

Her surgery went smoothly and her recovery was uneventful. She is now a full D cup. Like many patients who choose breast enhancement in Indianapolis, this patient loves her new look and is glad she decided to have a cosmetic procedure. As you can see, her breasts now look very proportionate with the rest of her body and there is no longer a saggy or deflated appearance.