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This patient is a 35 year old female who is 5’6 in height and weighs 135 pounds. She came into our office with saline breast implants that were placed in 2014. She previously also had implants placed in 2006. Each time the patient went to surgery she was wanting larger result. At her most recent surgery, from 2014, she had a 650cc saline implant placed on her left side and 700cc saline implant placed on her right side. She expressed to our office that her goal was to have larger and higher breasts. Many options were presented to her including; customized implants to switching to silicone to possibly going with the largest saline implants available with an overfill. She selected to do saline implant (960cc high profile) and placement was under the muscle with an overfill. She got the result she was expecting and is quite happy.