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This is a 36 year old Indianapolis, Indiana mother of five who lost over 60 pounds with the help of diet and exercise after she delivered her last child. Unfortunately, she was left with a large amount of loose, sagging skin as a result of the multiple pregnancies and associated weight gain. She was interested in cosmetic surgery in Indianapolis to improve areas of her body that did not respond well to her diet and exercise plan.

At her consultation Dr. Wagner noted several layers of fat and loose skin on the abdomen as well as areas of excess fat and sagginess above the hips and on the buttocks. The flap of loose skin and tissue on her lower abdomen – known as a “pannus” – was particularly bothersome and made her clothes fit uncomfortably. He reviewed options with her and together they decided on a circumferential body lift incorporating a tummy tuck.

During surgery, Dr. Wagner performed an abdominoplasty and buttock lift to remove the sagging skin and tighten her abdominal muscles. As you can see from the photos, her results are dramatic. Gone are the areas of loose tissue and fat, giving her a smoother and more slender mid-body appearance.

She recovered very well from the body lift and tummy tuck in Indianapolis, and she is extremely happy with her new shape. Remarkable results like these that are achieved from cosmetic surgery after a large volume weight loss are very gratifying for the patient and the physician.